IFP Research Grants

Each year, IFP's goal is to award research grants that will help to improve the ability of businesses and government to combat fraud and to educate the general public on effective methods for recognizing and deterring it.

Since this page is under construction, please check back frequently for updates.


Fraud and corruption grants are given directly to academic scholars to assist the IFP in its endeavor to help improve the ability of businesses and government to combat fraud and to educate the general public on methods of deterring it. Grant applications are accepted from any current professor in a state or private college or university and from individuals with strong academic and scholarly backgrounds. Applicants are not limited to the US and Canada, as all individuals from diverse fields and backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Deadlines & Awards—

The award amounts and deadlines for this year's round of research have not yet been determined. Please check back later.

Grant Guidelines—

We offer grants to individuals—or a group of individuals—to produce pure academic research into the causational factors of fraud and how to eliminate it in order to facilitate improved business and governmental practices and consumer education.

  • Please check back here for requests for proposals (RFPs) on up-coming research objectives
  • Grants may not be used for administrative overhead; air travel; capital or deficit expenses; computer hardware; or scholarships or travel fellowships. Purchase of materials and equipment must be justified as essential to the project.

Proposal Supporting Documents—

Central to any funding decision is our understanding of you, your institution, and the likelihood of managing the grant successfully. We are very interested in your leadership.

The following supporting documents must be submitted along with a proposal, but do not count toward the proposal requirements:

  • A brief summary or the qualifications of the person leading the project (you may also attach a resume or CV).
  • A signed letter of support for your proposal on school letterhead is required from your Dean indicating that they understand and endorse your project.
  • The university profile should include its mission statement, university resources, and student and university performance.

Project Reporting and Evaluation—

if awarded funding, you will be required as part of your letter of agreement to submit quarterly reports, as well as a final report, including a comparison of budgeted versus actual expenditures, which will be required within one month of the completion of your project. Guidelines for the final report will be provided to you. This requirement is beyond the requirement of the study that is produced from the results of the research.

To Submit a Proposal—

Proposals should be submitted to the Director of Research at richard.riley@mail.wvu.edu

The results from IFP's first set of grants can be viewed (here).